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  • 陳慧敏 Vivian Chan
  • 李佳芯 Ali Lee
  • 鄧麗欣 Stephy Tang
    Singer & Actress
  • 泳兒 Vincy Chan
  • 楊淇 Kate
  • 姚書軼 Mikki Yao
  • 苟芸慧 Christine Kuo
    Miss Chinese International Pageant 2009 & Actress
  • Rosemary Vandenbroucke
    Model & Yoga Coach
  • 陳柏宇 Jason Chan
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Dentist Testimonial

The principle of In-Office blue light bleaching is by oxdiation of the stain on tooth. It would not cause any permanent damage. Although it may have a chance of causing temporary sensitivity, it would not weaken or reduce the amount of enamel and dentin.

Dr. Chow Tsz Fai, Jeff

In the course of the teeth whitening therapy, its not uncommon that some patients may encounter transient teeth sensitivity. This is classically presented with a sharp pain triggered by hot and cold, which is rarely persistent and lingering.
Teeth whitening is not associated any damage to the enamel of teeth. So, the sensitivity is not caused by the loss or damage of the enamel surface.
The degree of teeth sensitivity varies among individuals and there is no concrete cause for this condition so far. Some studies showed that the severity may be associated with the component, the concentration of the whitening agent or the application time. The use of blue light is not proved to be related, however. As a result, the accurate control of concentration of whitening agent and application time can lessen the chance to get teeth sensitivity.
Other than this, desensitizing toothpaste ( with Potassium nitrate or Sodium chloride) which is available in the market can also help to relieve the discomfort and symptom.
It is strongly recommended that patients should stop the whitening therapy and seek advice from dentists if the teeth sensitivity worsens and persists for a long time.

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Dr. Leung Chu Hang, Nic

The discoloration of teeth is one of the cosmetic problem in the public. Tooth whitening procedures are commonly performed by use of tooth whitening agent applied on the surface of the discolored teeth. Different concentrations of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide are common tooth whitening agents. They are often used in combination of activating agent such as heat or light. The light sources are Plasma arc lamp, Xe-halogen, LED light or diode lasers.
Besides the peroxide, other non oxide tooth whitening agent, such as Chloride dioxide, is widely used for patients who are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. This agent is safe to use and effective in tooth whitening. The effective would be more pronounced with the use of the activating light.
Predictable tooth whitening result can be found in patients with discoloration due to aging, fluorosis, mild tetracycline staining. Professional advice from dentist is always recommended prior to the tooth whitening procedures.

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Dr. Pong Sze Ming

Real life stories sharing

Diamond White Teeth Whitening has encountered various difficult and special cases, but eventually the product can always satisfy the customers and let them regain the smiley face!

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  • 【真實個案】
  • 【真實個案】
  • 【真實個案】

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